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Yes Korea Message from the CEO

Yes Korea Corporation sincerely thank you for your visiting our website.

Ladies and Gentlemen

I am Lee Sung Jin, General Director of Yes Korea Corporation.

Founded in April 2007, Yes Korea has established a solid foundation in a short time and received the trust and attracted attention of many customers. With the qualified staffs who experienced in the companies in the same field, we constantly strive to produce the best quality products to meet the trust of the consumers. "Yes Korea is a company specializing in Door Hardware."

We always keep in mind and memorize that it is important to constantly research and develop new technology, train the talents into the leading experts, pioneer in technical development with a spirit of facing any challenges to provide our customers with multiform and highly practical products as well as become a business specialized in lock production accompanying with the customers all the time.

We hope that Yes korea will receive more customers' affection and we wish you will be always healthy and lucky.

And once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the customers who have trusted and used Yes Korea's products until now and we promise that Yes Korea will make the best effort to provide the best products to meet the customer's expectation.

Your sincerely,

General Director of Yes Korea CorporationLee Sung Jin