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3300 Lever 525 Safety lever
ㆍLATCH : 10mm, Znic 
ㆍFRONT : 57 ×25.4mm 
ㆍROSE : φ70mm  
ㆍDOOR THICKNESS : 35∼45mm 
ㆍBACK SET : 60mm, 70mm
ㆍSTRIKE : 70mm ×28mm
ㆍFINISHES : Yellow/Green

Features of the products
ㆍIt is easy to be compatible with types of the door with available lock and easy to assemble
ㆍGiving you the feeling of convenience
ㆍSafety door lock prevents catching your fingers in a door
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3300 Lever 525 Safety lever
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