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글제목 :     Sangju City Scholarship Foundation scholarship donation.

Yes Korea Co.,Ltd. CEO Lee Sung-jin visited Sangju City Hall on Thursday, November 21, 2017 and donated a scholarship of 5 million won to Sangju City Scholarship Foundation.
Lee Sung-jin, CEO, said, "It is a small amount due to the fact that the cultivation of excellent talent is the basis for the development of Sangju city, but we have made a donation. We will continue to make efforts to cultivate competent future talents."
Chairman Lee Jeongbaek expressed his gratitude to CEO Lee Sung-jin for his contribution to the scholarship every year and replied, "I will do my best to develop local education and nurture talented people in return for the help of companies."
After transferring its headquarters to Sangju City, Yes Korea Co.,Ltd. has contributed to job creation and regional economic revitalization.
In 2015 and 2016, Yes Korea also donated KRW 5 million to scholarships to Sangju City.
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